The Great value of a smile


Fuente: Brigada Médica Cubana Gambia

¨Everything we do in those countries is due to our human capital, with ethical virtues, and the necessary spirit of sacrifice, that capital that the empire lacks so much and that our revolutionary people have created and accumulated so much, therefore nothing or no one can overcome it anymore¨

Rosa María Nuñez Tamayo, Bachelor of Nursing, First Degree Specialist in Maternal and Child, Neonatology profile .
Arriving in The Gambia in 2017, she is posted  at the Edward Francis National Teaching Hospital in Banjul, capital of this small country, the smallest of this African continent but with a happy heart despite all the difficulties.
Today when the nurse Ana María, as usual, very early in the morning, left for her work, she did not have the remotest idea that awaited her, almost at the end of her working day a very pleasant surprise.

This young nurse has two great loves, her family and her profession that pampers her, working with newborns is her passion, caring for them with care and recovering from their ailments and sufferings flood her with an, almost inexplicable, emotion.
Today passed like all of them, a lot of work, and a lot of affection to give to these little creatures and their mothers who look hopeful and sure of the medical care they receive from these affectionate, humorous, affable and so Cuban medical professionals and nurses.

Almost when she was preparing to return to his house in the building of the Black Marble, as everyone calls it, a lady with a beautiful girl in her arms entered through the door of the room, which was Ana María’s surprise when she recognized Aminata , that little girl who, just 15 days  old, arrived at the hospital referred from a health center located in one of the interior regions of The Gambia, in 2018.

Aminata was a preterm delivery, low birth weight, when she arrived at the hospital she presented vomiting, difficulty gaining weight, malnourished, dehydrated, signs of IUGR and Down syndrome, an unstable general condition, in addition to presenting a distended, tympanic abdomen, excessive crying, possibly caused by pain, intestinal hyperperistalsis, and intestines visible through the skin indicating a clinical diagnosis of intestinal obstruction.

She was immediately attended by Dr. Celina Dialis, an outstanding pediatrician, with the assistance of Rosa María, the nurse, and consulted also by surgeons Dr. Annia Ramos and Dr. Luis Vázquez, a wonderful and coordinated team. after a rigorous medical examination and enough laboratory tests and examinations, multiple digestive congenital malformations were diagnosed., a duodenal atresia with an annular pancreas. indicating surgical treatment.

Here we had the most serious problem, due to the taboos, customs and characteristics of the culture of this country, the mother refused the operation, lost a lot of time, giving her psychological treatment and explaining in detail the need for this medical procedure to save the baby´s life, without her consent, we know that nothing can be done, the baby continued to worsen her health condition and in a very delicate state the mother agreed.
The baby was operated by these wonderful young doctors with the Kimura technique, the best indicated in these cases, she received parenteral feeding during her recovery.
They hospitalized her for almost a month, they dedicated long hours of careful attention, dedication, and extreme care, Aminata had become a beautiful challenge for that team of Cuban health professionals and at the same time she almost became the baby of this cuban family.
Thank you Fidel for this wonderful and disinterested human idea, in lending your most precious jewels to the world in need, thanks to you Fidel, there were these brave warriors to save the life of this girl who arrived to the same place where her life was saved today, two years later with her mother to thank them for her life, Aminata with her two years old is a healthy girl full of innocent wishes and hopes. Her satisfied and happy mother shows a smile that is priceless, but valuable for these peaceful fighters for health and human betterment. Cuba cooperates.  Cuba for the health of an abused and exploited Africa.
Go ahead dear nurses, standard bearers of honor, health and life heralds, victors of death, Olympic champions of true humanism, who point the way to the world of tomorrow, without exploitation, without looting, without the genocide of an unjust world economic and political order that kills millions of children and adults every year with disease and hunger! Let’s demonstrate what Cuba is today!
That Cuba whose people have known how to resist the blockade, hostility and aggressions of the most powerful empire that has ever existed, that Cuba whose people knew how to proclaim and reiterates that it is preferable to lose life than to lose the homeland, justice and freedom that only today socialism can incarnate and defend, A people that promised to win and will win!

Author: MSc. María Inés Alvarez Garay