A Brief history of Cuban Medical Cooperation in St. Lucia and in the World


Cuba started, officially, the Medical Cooperation in the world just over 55 years ago in Algeria on May 21st, 1963 after the quake.

Over the years we’ve been in more than 160 countries with the presence of about 400,000 health specialists; we are currently providing our professional services in 65 countries.

The International Contingent of Doctors specialized in situations of disaster and serious epidemic, “Henry Reeve”, which was created by Fidel Castro, on September 19th, 2005. It has been present in more than 20 nations, some of them for more than one occasion. We can say that the most difficult missions were in Pakistan in 2005, when the earthquake and in Sierra Leone, Guinea Conakry and Liberia 2014, when the fight against Ebola.

The Cuban Medical Cooperation in St. Lucia started on February 2001 with the presence of doctors from different specialties.

On June 29 of 2006, at the proposal of our Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, to the Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, was to send to the island 20 nurses; to support Hemodialysis and to work in Psychiatry services and Community Health Centers.

During all these years we have provided our health professional services in Soufriere, Vieux Fort (St. Jude Hospital and Health Center), Dennery, Gros Islet Policlinic, Victoria Hospital and Mental Wellness Center.

The program of “Operación Milagro” began in St. Lucia on July 10, 2005. First conducting screenings on the island and sending patients to Cuba for surgical treatment, more than 2997 patients were attended by this way.

On January 12, 2009, the “Operación Milagron” program began to perform their surgeries in St. Lucia with the opening of an Eye Center, at the Victoria Hospital.

In general, several health professionals have worked in St. Lucia during all these years.

At present, our Brigade is composed by 26 health professionals;

  1. 8 of them cooperate in the Eye Clinic, located at the Victoria Hospital, which provides free services and which can go on weekdays patients who need, in addition our specialists make screening around the island.
  2. 9 cooperate at Victoria Hospital: two emergency doctors, one obstetrician-gynecologist, one oncologist, one X-ray technician, one laboratory tech, two nursing in anesthesia and resuscitation and one biomedical engineer.
  3. 1 Psychiatrist works in the Mental Wellness Center
  4. 1 General practitioner cooperates in Soufriere Hospital
  5. 1 dentist cooperates in the Health Center, Vieux Fort
  6. In St. Jude Hospital, we have a nephrologists and a Laboratory tech.
  7. 1 X-rays technician works at the Gros Islet policlinic
  8. We have an obstetrician-gynecologist (Ob-Gyn) and a podiatrist at the community.
  9. The Head of the Brigade works in the Ministry of Health.

Main Data of our professional work:

 Important results January-March 2019 January 2014-March 2019
Saved life 46 598
Total of Medical consultations (More than 3500 per month) 12108 202671
Total of Surgeries (More than 200 per month) 785 9864
Ophthalmology Surgeries 375 8518
Other Surgeries 410 4346

Our work has always been based respecting the laws and culture of the people of Saint Lucia, offering our professional services by virtue of the health of the whole community.

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